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Flat Rate Window Cleaning

Same concept different view

Your home displays your efforts. 

You have discerning taste and high standards, shouldn't your windows reflect that?   

We treat your home like our home

The care for your property and the satisfaction of our service, is our number one priority! So please be at ease knowing that when we enter your estate-

  • We carry a liability insurance on all residential and commercial  properties for up to as much as $1,000,000
  • All of our vehicles are properly marked maintained and insured-
  • All employees are subject to background checks and random drug testing-
  • All of our employees are properly trained and uniformed-
  • Upon entry of your estate, in regards to any of the interior window cleaning that may be needed, shoe slips will be worn at all times, along with the application of drop cloths and towels for any flooring and inner window framing within the surrounding areas-

Same Concept....Different View!

Call now and get a clear view from your view today!

At Flat Rate Window Cleaning

we understand that courtesy, customer satisfaction and professionalism are the key ingredients to any long standing business relationship. That's why we actively pursue to understand and meet our customers needs, to better serve them and make their experience a greater one-

We want what's best for you

We've cultivated a unique selection of techniques and skills that have projected us to the forefront of quality service and customer satisfaction. Not only do we perform some of the best methods and techniques currently available to the industry, as well as use some of the best cleaning solutions and equipment the window cleaning market has to offer, but we also pride ourselves on the fact, that all of our employees here at Flat Rate Window Cleaning have at least three years experience in the window cleaning trade-

We offer a wide variety of window cleaning techniques along with a couple of different screen cleaning  methods to help adjust to your specific individual needs and budget-

     See things clearly!

Our highly trained professionals perform the appropriate actions needed to ensure a view you won't forget!


George T Szymoniak.

          Invest in certainty. 

If your not satisfied with a service that you've received from us, then we will simply refund your money!

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Expect the best!

No  drips  No streaks, truly a view to enjoy!

Same Concept....Different View!

How we do it

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We are acknowledged and decorated by the BBB for our compliance and immediate attention to customer interaction

and concern.

Two Hr. Minimum Service

  • Inner and Outer Window Cleaning
  • Solar and Bug Screen dusting
  • Solar and Bug Screen Shampoo Treatments
  • Solar and Bug Screen Restoration
  • Hard Water Stain Treatments
  • Light Fixture and Mirror Cleaning
  • Track and Sill Cleaning
  • Leaf and Spider Web Removal
  • Paint and Tape Removal

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