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Same concept different view

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Our Stance

All of our employees have at least two years experience in the window cleaning trade!

We've cultivated a unique selection of techniques and skills that has projected us to the forefront of quality service and customer satisfaction. Not only do we perform some of the best methods and techniques currently available to the industry, as well as use some of the best cleaning solutions and equipment the window cleaning market has to offer, but we also pride ourselves on the fact that all of our employees here at Flat Rate Window Cleaning, have at least two years experience in the window cleaning trade-

   Flat Rate Window Cleaning   

We offer a wide variety of window cleaning methods that help adjust to any budget!

You have high standards and discerning taste, shouldn't your windows reflect that? With our no drips no streaks left behind policy,  we can confidently guarantee you the satisfaction of our service. Plus, we offer Free screen cleaning for all first time customers. Acquired service includes- IN/OUT window washing along with multiple track and sill cleaning, so give us a try and remember you have nothing to lose except for those unsightly smudges on your windows of course, call 702-526-5145 and get a clear view from your view today!

  • Inner and Outer Window Cleaning
  • Solar and Bug Screen dusting
  • Bug Screen Shampoo Treatments
  • Solar and Bug Screen Restoration
  • Hard Water Stain Treatments
  • Light Fixture and Mirror Cleaning
  • Track and Sill Cleaning
  • Leaf and Spider Web Removal
  • Paint and Tape Removal